Sunday, September 02, 2007

Day for Dads

So, I've been busy the past few days working on a crafty project for Father's Day and now that Dan's received his pressie, I can show you what I made!

It's a Father's Day book, which we will add to each year. There's some pictures of the kids to start and then a couple of pages from each of them, including their hand prints. I got (stole) the idea from Jody who got the idea from Kirsten and after some deliberation got to work. I just used an A4 Visual Arts diary which I covered in fabric (it had a horrible black plastic cover with the brand name stamped on it and a plain cardboard back). The spray adhesive was tricky to use!

Trying to organise the kids to get handprints was also a little tricky, but we managed quite well. Elora got red paint all over her, but luckily avoided eating any. Dante drew characters from his current favourite TV show, Ben 10. He finished just in time as Dan was walking down the driveway. I told him not to mention it, but he couldn't resist saying something... what a funny kid! As Dan walked in the door, he'd just finished putting away his textas and said, "Hi Daddy. Oh, I was just drawing some pictures, but just on normal paper, that's all." Thankfully Dan didn't notice anything unusual.

He was pleased with the present when he received it... impressed at the effort I made :) plus I was so pleased with my handiwork, he couldn't not like it!


Danzilla said...

This really was the best dad's day present :)

And regarding Dante's subterfuge - the little guy is coming up with suspicious sounding weirdness all the time. He could totally be a CIA agent or zulu priestess and we'd never know.

lillipilli said...

Good on you, what a cool presie!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jen, great pressie. Awesome job, very creative.