Monday, August 27, 2007

Knit, knit, knit

6.5st is a blogger who knits and sews and creates the most marvelous designs. She recently wrote up a pattern for a delightful wrap cardigan for babies and after umming and ahhing about it, I plucked up the courage, bought the pattern, bought some wool and started knitting.

That was two days ago. Look at how far I've come!

Not a cardigan yet, but one sleeve and the start of the main body. I'm pretty proud, especially considering I've never been a big knitter - usually the patterns flummox me. I'm much better at scarves or blankets (plain squares!). But I used safety pins as stitch markers, as suggested by my friend Anna (thanks!) and they have made it so much easier. I spent every spare moment I could on Sunday and stayed up till the wee hours knitting. I just couldn't put the needles down in my enthusiasm. I want to make this so that my little girl can wear it (and hence I want to complete it before she outgrows it or the weather negates the need for cardigans... it was a glorious 27°C here in Sydney today - and it's winter!).

1 comment:

lillipilli said...

How excellent is this weather?

I'm a total knitwit (I can make a scarf), it's good to see someone doing so well.