Saturday, August 04, 2007

A solid start

Elora's now five and a bit months old and we have decided to start her on solids. A little bit earlier than recommended, but the paediatrician said it would be okay.

Speaking of paediatricians, we took Elora to see Atti's doctor on Monday. She's had a recurring skin problem and nasty looking rash on her head (not cradle cap!) which caused us to confiscate her hands (mittens) and give her her fourth course of antibiotics since Easter! On top of that, the doctor wrote out a comprehensive list of things to do (such as moisturise her entire body twice daily, bath every day in Pinetarsol bath, hydrocortisone cream to inflamed bits of skin, etc). It's been tiresome work but the results have been amazing. She's been given her hands back! Her scalp doesn't look like it belongs to an alien from Doctor Who!

Anyway, back to the solids. Yes, I can't believe that we are already at this stage. My little infant is growing faster than I can type (or so it seems)... and the thing is, she really loves her rice cereal! She knew what to do straight away. Well, actually at first she thought I was about to give her a dose of antibiotics and started to get upset, but when she tasted the food (rice cereal mixed with expressed breast milk) she lunged forward for more and gobbled it up in a pretty good imitation of eating.

And so starts the love affair with food, just like her brothers!

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