Monday, August 13, 2007

Cooking skillz

After reading Karen's post about making wontons I've been keen to do the same (not necessarily with the kids, though)... so today I finally had a chance to make them for our dinner tonight! I'd had the ingredients since last week but only had time to actually put it together today (and a bit on Saturday).

They turned out really well. I was delighted by the "Oh, yum!" exclamation from Dante (and echoed by Atticus) when I put them on the table (with noodles and soup). I didn't do it exactly the same way as Karen did - made with prawns and pork, ginger and water chestnuts, boiled, not baked. I even worked out how to fold them properly (after a few tries). As you can probably guess, I'm not that great a cook - don't try new things that often (and with a mother-genius-cook right next door I've never really needed to). So, I'm pretty proud of my effort tonight. And the fact that I know how to do it now!

Wonder what I'll try next. *grin*

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