Sunday, August 05, 2007


'Twas a glorious winter's day today so we rugged the kids up, put Elora in the pram and went for a walk along our local bike path in search of a different playground.

The sky was a magnificent blue, the sun poured down upon us so we had to strip off our outer layers and the water in the canal sparkled and shone. The boys had a wonderful time running up and down the hills, Atticus singing the "Thomas the Tank Engine" song to himself. We managed to avoid being run over by cyclists several times, and eventually came to a nice playground not too far away.

The boys had a wonderful time, enjoying the different equipment. Atticus was incredibly bold (in my opinion, and definitely compared to Dante at this age) climbing up the ladders and round spirally thing and coming down the slide. Dante valiantly tried getting up to the monkey bars but they were just a little bit too high for him to reach. Likewise with the flying fox, and he got stuck half way across. Elora enjoyed just watching them and staring at the branches of trees above swaying in the wind.

We stopped by the local shops on the way home and picked up fish and chips. Poor Atticus missed out on his lunch, though, falling asleep in the pram just around the corner from home! Elora fell asleep in my arms as well, so the rest of us enjoyed a quiet, peaceful meal and afternoon until the two youngsters woke up a while later.

What an enjoyable day. Nothing too strenuous or stressful. A bit of sunshine and exercise. We will try to do this as often as we can now that the weather's getting better. Yay!

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