Sunday, August 19, 2007

Elora's half birthday

My little girl is six months old today! She's getting better and better at putting herself to sleep, although you may not have known it today. Ack! Everyone was tired and cranky today from our late night last night - dinner at my brother's place to celebrate my niece's 8th birthday - and the rain keeping us cooped up inside.

But back to Elora...

She's almost sitting up by herself now, and will happily sit in the high chair at the dinner table while we eat... for a little while, anyway. Gets annoyed when she drops her toys, which happens a lot. She's loving her solids - I should start giving it to her twice a day now. She loves her brothers and gives Dante the happiest smile when he gets home from school in the evenings. She's getting really good at grabbing things with her hands, including her feet. Loves her baths. Can roll over from her tummy to her back with ease and almost the other way... I have to be more vigilant!

She's quite ticklish, under her arms and on her neck. Enjoys it when I lightly brush her face with my hair. Likes playing peek-a-boo, especially with Goong-goong (my father). Her legs are getting stronger and she likes standing up all the time - won't be long before she'll be chasing her brothers around the house!

Also has a good set of lungs and can make the walls shake with her cries and shatter glass with her squeals. And melt hearts with her gorgeous smiles.


wulf said...

Dear Lord she's cute. Her smile will melt hearts

denise said...

oh she is so so so cute, that smile! she is gonna be a heart breaker :)