Sunday, August 12, 2007

My ears are ringing

What a crazy chaotic day we had today! After tennis (fortnightly family thing - I don't actually play... too uncoordinated), the entire clan came over for lunch. Twelve kids (two extras) and eight adults. We were outnumbered 3:2. Thankfully my brother Chris had the foresight to pick up some bread rolls and barbecue chooks as we didn't have much to feed them all. By the time we got it organised, the younger ones were howling for food (Atticus and Lorien happily sat themselves at the table and grabbed whatever they could!).

After lunch the kids got busy with the blocks and then the playstation - Guitar Hero. I couldn't help laughing as I watched them from the doorway. The two older boys were fairly good, the three middle ones sat entranced in front of the TV, slightly nodding their heads in time, and Atti sat further back on the other couch, looking delighted. When Ross (friend of my nephew) finished his song, Atti called out "You rock, Dante!" and clapped his hands. Then Ross asked me to demonstrate my awesome skills... the two boys exclaimed appreciatively and afterwards said "O.M.G. Auntie Jenny. You're really good!". Boy, did I feel cool (and slightly embarrassed at the same time).

Meanwhile my brothers and Dan got out their laptops and we swapped mp3s... Nice to see that Macs outnumbered the PCs.

Anyway, I'm completely exhausted now, for some reason. I looked at the clock earlier and had a double take. I was sure it was something like 11pm but it was only 9:30pm. But I think I'll go to bed early anyway.