Friday, March 07, 2008

Road trip

Our last short trip to Canberra was such a success that I couldn't wait to go there again... Well, perhaps I wasn't that excited but when my cousin had a baby recently my mother and I decided to head on down to the nation's capital again to see her (and to see my Auntie who was only here for a week or so (from Thursday Island).

I only had one day off work, so we drove down after school/child care on Wednesday afternoon (didn't leave it too late like last time) and I took Dante out of school for a day (but back to work/school/child care on Friday). A whirlwind trip!

We made a quick visit to the National Museum of Australia on Thursday morning. Somewhere that we hadn't visited before and that was free!

The most striking part of the museum, for me, was the building itself. I remember when it was first built – a weird and crazy monstrosity. However when I saw it up close I was fascinated and delighted by its surrounds. We had a great time wondering around outside. We probably spent more time outside than inside looking at the exhibits (which weren't really that exciting, to be honest). The great thing about going on a school morning was that the place was deserted. There were a couple of school groups but we hardly saw them.

A quick photo mosaic:

After a couple of hours there we went back to my cousin's place in Canberra's outer suburbs to meet new baby Zach. My boys made themselves right at home and my cousin was doing wonderfully well, especially with the help of her mother and grandmother. It was a shame to leave, but I didn't want to get caught in the Sydney peak hour traffic, plus I reckon Cecelia needed some rest (even though she looked fantastic for having given birth only days previously).

A tiring, but enjoyable trip!

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