Monday, March 24, 2008

Turning 7

In point form:
  • Easter long weekend.
  • Dante's 7th birthday party.
  • Superhero theme (leaning just a little towards Ben 10).
  • A dozen or so kids.
  • Stress-factor high (due to it being held at home and not at a play-gym like I'd wished for but didn't go with because they are so expensive!)
  • Included an end time (3-5pm) so that we wouldn't have the kids around for too long!
  • Chose a late afternoon time slot so we wouldn't need to have too much food.
  • Dan was in charge of party games - they ended up playing "Musical Aliens" and "What's the time, Vilgax?"
  • Weather held up amazingly even though rain was forecast.
  • Excellent "Omnitrix" cake made by my mother (from Ben 10).

Outcome: not too stressful and quite enjoyable, really. But NOT another until he's ten!

The following day (Easter Sunday) we had a family party. Just lunch and cake and cousins. It was quite pleasant.

And Elora had her first taste of chocolate cake. Boy did she enjoy it. She grabbed not one, but two spoons and hoed into the plate that had been placed in front of me (for me!). She ate the entire piece all the while with a look of pure glee on her face.

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