Wednesday, December 31, 2008

That was 2008

The year has finished already? I'm amazed, are you?

Elora started child care in January and I went back to work, full time at first but part-time eventually.

The kids grew and grew. Elora is a little chatterbox now, mimicking her closest brother constantly. Atti has come along really well except for a couple of convulsions in the middle of the year which means that he's back on his meds. He can now (mostly) write his name and numbers and starts preschool next year! Dante completed his Preliminary Piano Practical Exam (got a B+ - did I tell you about that?) and is going into Year Three next year - the "Primary" part of school, no longer "Infants" any more!

Not much else has really happened that I can think of. I took a sewing class in the latter part of the year. It was great fun and I learnt a lot. Still trying to decide if I'm going to go to the next level (which is during the day for four weeks in March). I've done a bit more sewing of clothing and started some more projects. Did some more knitting as well... Took a sock knitting class in April. Dan went to the USA in June (and finally got his American passport a little later). I moved into a new office at work after 9 years in the same place! Made some closer friendships there as a result. That was nice.

So now, time to consider the coming year. 2009. I don't generally make new year resolutions but I will make a few this time:
  • Cook more.
  • Continue my enthusiasm for keeping the kitchen clean and tidy.
  • Sew more. Sew more clothes and use up all that fabric I've been buying this year!
  • Knit more. Craft more in general, I think.
  • Exercise more. I've been going for jogs and going to the gym. I want to keep that up in the new year. (I can't believe that I've put on 2Kg in the last six weeks! Blasted festive season and all the eating it entails).
  • Shout less. That's going to be a hard one.

Well, that's far more than I expected to write. They are all pretty general - nothing too specific. But that's okay by me :)

Happy New Year everyone. Hope you are having an enjoyable break and that the New Year is a happy, productive and safe year for you all.

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