Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One more

Oh yeah. One more resolution to add to the list:


I'm sorry that I've been neglecting this poor old online journal of late, and you, my readers, as well. I am determined that I will be a much more diligent writer in the new year. The writing is good for my brain, helps me to remember my days, motivates me to do more with my life. I like the writing.

So, I will be posting on a regular basis - weekly, definitely, and more if I'm organised enough :) Not sure what time I will set aside for it, but the point is that there WILL be a set time for me to write.

Just letting you know!


A Sydney Foodie said...

Have you read Paul Coelho's "The Zahir"? In it, one of the main characters talks about how telling one's own story (in this case, in the form of blogging), is to create space for a new, unknown world (or space to do more things).

I'm finding it hard to get the energy to even read... but even a 1-2 line blogpost could work in your resolution to "blog more". :-). You can also blog via email, which I find quite handy. I agree with your resolution, and will try to implement it too.

Jen said...

Thanks for the ideas, Kit. They are very encouraging :) It's nice to have company!