Thursday, January 01, 2009

First post for the New Year

I know, I'm 100% nerd, blogging at Midnight on New Year's Eve!! But what can I say... I'm trying to stick to that last resolution :)

Tonight we had an early dinner and drove in to watch the early 9pm fireworks. Managed to get an excellent park near by (sort of - still had to walk for 15 minutes). We went to the Glebe Island Bridge and had a fantastic view of the city, the Bridge and the various points around the harbour where the fireworks were let off.

The kids loved it - happy and excited. I was worried that Elora would be upset because she's been terrified of all the local ones all week! But I think the excitement of the boys (and me) kept her from feeling scared and she had a ball. Calling out the colours and shapes "flower!" "star!".

Someday we'll be able to stay out for the midnight ones, but until that time I must be happy with this.

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