Friday, January 02, 2009

I had holidays?

In December, the two week obligatory Christmas break seemed like a HUGE amount of time. I was going to do so much! Whilst dreading the idea of being home with the kids for ALL that time.

And now it is pretty much over. I go back to work on Monday. I feel cheated! Where did all my spare time go? I was going to make raised garden bed in the back yard (well, get Dan to make it since he's the one that's good at the heavy lifting). I was going to sew a billion dresses and tops and pants for Elora. I was going to read some books.

Well, I measured up the space and looked at timber for the garden. I sewed a pair of bloomers (they're a little tight) for Elora and have almost finished a dress from this book which will be at least one size too big for her (but I just copied the pattern to the letter as I don't usually and I wanted to try it). I haven't read any books. In fact, I haven't read anything that's not online for ages. It's very bad of me. If you remember, I decided to read all the Booker Prize winning books. I haven't even finished one yet. Best get to it. Curse all these blogs and RSS feeds that have become my literary fodder instead!

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Shanathalas said...

I feel exactly the same Jen! Only a few days left and so much we needed to do has not been done!

Though we did achieve a fair amount of slacking - and I guess that was important too.