Saturday, January 24, 2009


What an incredible day, weatherwise! The mercury hit 40°C today. By midday!

We spent the morning wallowing in the kiddie pool which was absolutely delightful. It was such a shame to put on our hot clothes afterwards and come inside for lunch. Poor Elora had a terrible time trying to sleep in her 34°C room but managed a little, she was so tired.

But now, the weather has turned. It is blowing a gale out there! Really gusty and cool. And the temperature has dropped 10 degrees in an hour! Probably less. It absolutely astonished me how quickly it can change. I'm currently wearing my fleece jacket over my summer dress. Quite a look!


Shanathalas said...

I do not miss that kind of heat at all!

A Sydney Foodie said...

(It hit 41 in the city, and 42 out west). I retreated to the local library, and sat in there all day. Then when the library closed, I went to the shopping centre next door. The air was so dry and hot, and I could almost feel my thongs melting underneath me!

monica said...

please send some of the warm weather this way!!