Tuesday, June 08, 2010

When tired will complain

Yesterday evening on the way home from school/work I tortured my eldest son by playing The Specials in the car.

"What is this song meant to be?"
"Do you call this music?"
"Who is this, again?"
"Why are we listening to this?"
"PLEASE turn it off. It's annoying me!"

Now I'm trying to think what else I can put on. Indigo Girls, Nick Cave, Ride, Billy Bragg. I'll edu-ma-cate those kids if it kills me.


Bianca said...

The Specials are the Smurf's fav band! It's the best music for loungeroom dancing. He's also partial to Sarah Blasko and I caught him doing some private dancing to The Breeders the other day!

Jen said...

What a good lad! The other two kids don't mind them and enjoyed the music at the park on Sunday (The Sunday Dub Club, 1st Sunday of every month at the Sydney Park chimney stacks - they bring their own generator!)

I think he was just being contrary. Little ratbag. The other night I had Club Hoy playing. You should have heard the arguments (from the 3 and 5 year olds) about whether it was "girl" or "boy" music. Argh.

K said...

I agree, that does read as being contrary and trying to assert and idea of "too cool for school". Or too cool to listen to music that has not been approved/shared by the peer group.

In related news I recently played some Cat Empire in the car on a road trip. L asked for "hello" to be played again. Not because it is inherently good and fun music, no, because it was the theme song for a hollywood movie about talking Chihuahuas...