Monday, June 07, 2010

Winter: Day x

So I've lost count already with this winter days thing. Shrug.

I read somewhere that during the cold, dark days of Winter people tend to be less cheery and motivated and happy. I would have to agree with that - there's been a bit of talk of it on some of the blogs I read too.

The weekend proved to be a little bit drier than the few weeks preceeding it. I even managed to get some washing dry. Some, not all of the four loads I did!

Yesterday started out very promising, as Mel wrote, but turned a little by the afternoon. We spent it at the wonderful Sydney Park celebrating my niece's 3rd birthday (as Elora says, "My best friend Charlotte").

Plenty of food, good company and excellent music provided by the "Sunday Dub Club" (sorry, couldn't find a link)... Love me some ska. It stayed mostly dry, right up until the cake time, after which the skies opened up. As good as any signal that it was time to leave, I guess.

And just because, Dan made this silly comic using a new iPad app (called Strip Designer) which he bought yesterday.

Yes, that's me crocheting at a birthday party. Had to do something to keep my hands warm. Something that wasn't eating.

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