Monday, September 11, 2006

Clothes shopping

I've been trying to avoid having to buy maternity clothes, but I am just getting too big too quickly. It's so funny how much sooner one starts to show with each successive pregnancy. The first time, I managed to make do with big t-shirts and bigger sized shirts until about 7 months when I bought a couple of items. The second time, I survived until about 5 months and then bought some maternity clothes.

Now, I'm only 15 weeks in - 3 and a half months - and I'm already digging around for my maternity clothes. The only problem is that I can't find a bunch of them... I think I must have lent them to my sister-in-law. I hope I did! I don't know where I would have put them otherwise!

Anyway, I really didn't want to spend too much money on clothes, since this is the last time I'll be using them. But it seems there's such a greater range of stuff available these days! I remember desperately searching for a maternity clothing store somewhere close, five and a half years ago. Now, they are everywhere I look, including some great cheap stuff in Target and Kmart.

I found this great accessory - the Belly Tube. It is basically something you wear under your regular shirts to extend the length a bit - it looks like you're wearing an extra layer underneath (but you're not). And the other thing I've ordered is a Twist 3/4 sleeve T-shirt which can be worn during pregnancy and then afterwards during breastfeeding! There's also a short sleeved t-shirt and a dress in the same style... I'll see how much I like the top before I consider getting more. They're not really that cheap.

I can't wait for my packages to arrive!

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