Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lunch boxes!

I really really want one of those Laptop Lunchboxes as seen on Kiddley the other day. I've seen them before somewhere, I can't remember when or where, though. Oh yes, that's right - at the Vegan Lunchbox (which up until about June this year was just photos of the wonderful lunches this person made for her child... I think this part has stopped because it is summer holiday time in the US).

I had a look at the Australian retailer of these products. They are great, but the cost is prohibitive. The lunch boxes are $40 each! Considering I baulked at the idea of paying $12 for Dante's lunch box at the end of last year, you can imagine my response to this. (By the way, I'm really hoping that his lunch box survives until the end of the year - the lid is cracked significantly and one of the hinges has been snapped off...)

But then, I look at the different sites (you can see them linked off Kiddley (see above)) with wonderful photos of people's lunches (not just for kids) and I can't help but drool and be inspired by the healthy fare on display. Last weekend after looking at them all, I went shopping and went crazy buying lovely green veges and others to feed my flock. Yum. So, now I'm considering buying a lunch box, not for D (I just can't bare the thought of him losing bits or putting cracks in a $40 lunch box), but for myself. And having nice healthy vege-filled lunches every day.

I think I'll have to wait a while, though. Remember, I just spent all my allowance on maternity clothes?? Plus, next year I'll be mostly at home so I won't need a lunch box until maybe the year after that. Perhaps they'll be cheaper then!

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