Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Weekend of Dante activities

Saturday afternoon: Gymnastics "Rewarding Day".

Did I ever mention that Dante has started doing gymnastics one afternoon a week? There's a gymnasium close to home - it used to be an old cinema (that's what my ma told me) but has been a gym for as long as I've known. In fact, I remember that we went there for sport when I was in primary school. I remember this because I still, to this day, remember falling into the gap between the two beams and hurting my side.

Anyway, Dante absolutely loves it. We were meaning to go for quite a while but it wasn't until the older sister (8 years old) of one of Dante's friends invited us along. "You should come along to gymnastics with us," she said to me one day. Then proceeded to tell me all the details... "It's just near your house". So we went along! It didn't take long for him to get used to it. He was a bit nervous at first, and scared of the beam. What an amazing change after only four weeks! At the "rewarding day" he scored 10/10 for the beam :) I don't think he got 10 points for any other apparatus, but then again he's only been doing it for a short time. His school friend has been going for almost three years!!

Sunday morning: Tennis lesson

The sports centre at Uni had a tennis "Come and Try Day" today, with a free lesson for kids. Dan took Dante this morning and he quite enjoyed it. We're thinking about enrolling him in regular after school lessons now.

Sunday afternoon: Visiting Dante's school friend

The mother of one of Dante's friends invited us over to their place for an afternoon "play date". It was a lovely afternoon, although hot and windy. Atticus was very much at ease and played with the younger sister, as well as eating up a storm (we'd brought snacks for him). The boys had a great time, too!

I am thoroughly exhausted now.

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