Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dante's school project

Dante's very first homework project was due yesterday. The kids were given 10 days to make "a place they know". It could be a park, a house... anything, as long as it was somewhere they've been. At first Dante wanted to hand in a little playground he'd made a couple of weeks ago for his teddy bear (it was a little swing, made out of toilet paper rolls, boxes and string. He did a pretty good job, with only a tiny bit of help), but I thought that was cheating, since he'd just done it for fun before they were given the project. In the end he decided to make his bedroom. He drew the plan on a piece of paper and then proceeded to cut up a box and bits of cardboard and made this wonderful little room. I am so proud of him!

He made a little person which fitted into a slot he cut into the bottom of the box, and I helped him put a blanket on the bed. The person (which represents himself) is able to lie down in bed, too. The squiggles in the middle of the floor are his train tracks (which used to be downstairs but got moved up to his room). He has little picture frames on his dresser and a poster on the wall. He omitted the windows, and we ran out of time to put in his bookshelves, but I think it was a pretty top-notch job for a 5½ year old!

The other kids' projects were cool, too. Parents obviously put a lot of work into a couple of them but I was impressed by the others. There was a soccer field - Aust. vs. Brazil, a putt-putt golf course, quite a few bedrooms and a fish and chip shop. Neat!

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