Monday, October 02, 2006

Back from Ceylon

Yay! My mother came back from two weeks in Sri Lanka this morning. She went with a group organised by a friend from her cake decorator's group. There were a 18 of them in all, including just two men! My father didn't go - he was still recovering from an operation when it was all organised. He told me that this was the first time since all the kids left home that Mama had gone away without him (not including trips to visit family). He was a bit lonely this past fortnight and we tried very hard to make sure he ate and looked after himself. It was cool, though - he was so happy to see me and the kids in the afternoons when we got home. And I was very happy for him to look after them while I crashed out for a bit!

My mother had a lovely time. She was quite tired after the flight via Singapore but the relief was obvious on all our faces when we saw her this morning. (Atticus wouldn't let her out of his sight for at least half an hour!)

The group toured all around the island, from Colombo to Galle, Kandy and I'm not sure where else! They ate lots of yummy (but spicy) food, rode elephants and visited the Dilmah tea factory. She brought back a kilo of tea leaves - ooh, it's the nicest, freshest tea we've ever had. Yum! They did a lot of shopping... t-shirts, batik, cinnamon oil, curry powder. Mama said that she did half as much as a lot of the other ladies. They visited a Mother Teresa orphanage, and the tsunami-affected areas in the south. Best of all, though, in my opinion, she came back relaxed and happy, and safe!

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