Monday, October 30, 2006

Sick again

Dan and I stupidly congratulated ourselves on Saturday for going a whole week without any ills (well, the kids, anyway).

Darn it.

We went out to a party on Saturday night - my work colleague's 40th birthday party. The kids had a great time. Dante ate chips and played with Stephen's 8 year old son (or is he 9 now?) and Atticus pretty much spent the entire evening inside on the dance floor, boogying away with a gorgeous smile on his face. The kids were happy, sociable and cute. We didn't even stay too late - we were home by 9:30pm! It was a really nice evening.

But, as it turns out, the flashing lights and loud music combined with the cold weather and over excitement must have just been too much for our poor second-born. He had another convulsion at 2:10am (or was it 3:10am? Damn daylight savings!). We checked his temperature and it was a little high (38.1°C) so I guess that makes this another febrile convulsion. Oh dear. At least I didn't panic quite so much this time. The fit was self-limiting which means that it ended by itself, so I didn't need to call an ambulance and we even managed to avoid having to go to hospital! Atti just went to sleep afterwards and I got my doctor brother to check him out the next day.

The only worry now is that the medication is not the right stuff, or the right dose. We've had some advice regarding our previous paediatrician (that being "Go see someone else!") so we've got an appointment with a paediatric neurologist in a month. But that was made last week, before this latest convulsion. It's a bit of a worry. Thank goodness our regular GP was able to give me the name of another doctor today, and after some fiddling of the appointments, the receptionist was able to fit us in next week. Still not as early as I'd like it but initially she was only able to give us one in five weeks' time! Blargh. Well, I think of it as a good sign that the doctor is busy - means lots of people are happy with her.

So hopefully something good will come out of all these appointments in the next short while. Atti's been sick so much in the last three months. I've used up all my "carer's leave" at work and am cutting into my annual leave now, which I've been saving up for next year to append to my maternity leave! I don't even want to think about the number of days of child care which we've paid for and not been able to use. Sob!

Well, enough complaining. I really should be grateful that I have such a wonderful support team around me (what would I do without them?), and work in a place that is flexible and understanding (oh so understanding!). And of course that generally both kids are really quite well - Atti spent the day playing and eating, and had a good nap in the middle of it. Now they are both asleep, after going to bed without any complaints and after eating a good dinner and having a lovely bath together. Dan and I are happily geeking out on our respective computers, and we're thinking about buying a new car. Things aren't really that bad at all. I'll stop the whinging now :)

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Shanathalas said...

You poor guys have been put through the wringer. Hope Atti's feeling better soon.