Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I'm about five months into this pregnancy now, I think. I keep losing track of the exact number of weeks, but I know that I'm just over half way. And I've really got quite a belly now - there's no hiding this baby! The bump seems to grow or shrink at times, depending on what clothes I'm wearing... and how much I've eaten at the most recent meal! But I'm feeling quite good - not uncomfortably large yet, but big enough that I'm obviously expecting and not just "putting on weight".

Also, tonight, Dan finally was able to feel the little one kicking. I've been able to feel her for a few weeks, but I hadn't yet grabbed Dan's hand and put it on my belly. Tonight while we were watching The Glasshouse (can you believe that it has been axed? After five years and great ratings! Tonight's show was great - they were really letting loose.) I felt the baby moving about so I quickly put Dan's hand on my tum. She kicked heartily three times, and we grinned at each other happily.

Something nice after the stress of the last few days.

just to add: Atti had another convulsion on Monday night. After my last post!! Things have been worrisome since then, knowing that his medication isn't working. Will keep you updated.


wulf said...

Yay, good to hear that Jen.

Also, Boo on canceling the Glasshouse. The woman was annoying but Anderson and Hughesie were good. I'm gonna see if I can download the last glasshouse episode from BT.

Jen said...

There are still four more episodes to go - the last one will be on the 29th Nov, I think!

wulf said...

I hope we're not responsible for taking one viewer away from the show to get it cancelled ;)

Otherwise theres a bunch of shows that will now suffer in Australia.

evelyn said...

wow you're getting so big! let me guess, it doesn't get any less exciting, does it?

Jen said...

Less exciting? No, not really. Just more tiresome and uncomfortable!