Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sculpture by the Sea, finally.

I managed to drag Dan away from work early this afternoon, and we finally managed to take the kids to Bondi Beach to see the sculpture exhibition which I've been looking forward to.

It was a great idea, I have to say. There were gale force wind weather warnings for the afternoon, so the beach was closed to swimmers (dangerous surf) and the temperature wasn't too high. We actually drove all the way there and managed to park at the beach itself! There were quite a few people about - I guess other people had the same idea as us!

The walk was 2km, from Bondi beach to Tamarama beach. It's a very nice coastal track - we've walked it to Bronte beach (a little further south) before. One thing that I forgot was that there are a lot of steps involved! Having Atticus in the pram made things a bit difficult. I wish we'd bought one of the guide books - I don't know how many entries there were, and it would have been good to read what some of them were meant to represent, but a lot were pretty self explanatory. And they all had spectacular scenery around them! There are more photos in my flickr account. Some of the photos were quite spectacular, with a gorgeous dark storm brewing off the coast. The view in real life was even more spectacular!

The melted ice-cream van was one of my favourite sculptures, right at the end on Tamarama beach itself. I'd seen it on TV before, but it was neat to be able to see it up close. It even played a warped version of "Greensleeves", the traditional ice-cream van music (which my friend Anna was told was played only when the van was OUT of ice-cream!). The kids loved running around and playing in the sand. Dante crawled commando-style through it, and did "sand fairies" (like "snow angels" but in the sand). They both got sand everywhere.

We walked back to the car via the streets (rather than back along the coastline) and got home for a very late dinner. The poor kids were exhausted, but happy. As was I!

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