Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Swim, swim, swim

It was a 38°C day today. 36°C yesterday. Summer is definitely on its way. I took the kids to the pool this afternoon - Dante's been having lessons and it was hot enough that I couldn't resist a dip as well.

Atti wouldn't leave child care when we went to pick him up, until I asked him "Want to go for a swim?". He ran out of the door as quickly as he could, but complained heartily when I put him into the car - I think he expected the pool to be just outside the child care centre! He whinged all the way to the pool and only when he actually saw the water did his spirits rise... a bit of an understatement there. He was beside himself with excitement!

We sent Dante off to his lesson, and then spent the rest of the time splashing around in the kiddy area of the pool. I must remember to bring pool toys next time, as he spent a fair chunk of the next while chasing after other kids' balls, pool noodles and floaties. Dan joined us a bit over an hour later, and we took the kids into the big pool. Atti squealed with delight to be taken there, and Dante was excited too, except for when the panic from not being able to touch the bottom set in.

In the end we spent about two hours in the water. We were seriously water-logged. I don't know how much water the kids ingested. It was such a lovely refreshing afternoon.

Now at home we are struggling to get the kids to sleep - over-excited, over-tired and hot, hot, hot. I am definitely going to get some air conditioning installed, even though it's against every green bone in my body. But it's not even December and the weather's this hot!

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