Sunday, November 26, 2006

A belly full of Turkey

Ahhh... Thanksgiving. We celebrate this American tradition every year with Dan's family and some family friends at a house in Balmain. Every year it seems to get bigger and bigger. This was my ninth Thanksgiving with the Burns!

Each guest-group brings a dish. We have always brought fruit. The first year we just made a platter but by now we have our fruit salad routine down pat. It's a great time of year to make it - the summer fruits are just starting to come in to season and it's so yummy, yummy, yummy. Dan did a particularly fine job scouting out the world's juiciest and sweetest pineapple (and he says that pineapple ruins a good fruit salad! bah! He still lets me put it in, though), as well as the hugest watermelon. We're going to have it coming out of our ears all week.

We have a lot of the traditional Thanksgiving fair, or so I'm told. Roast turkey with stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. Mashed sweet potato with toasted marshmallows on top. Zucchini with fetta. Ann's wild rice salad. Corn bread. Roast potatoes. Beans and beetroot salad. Pumpkin pie. But we add a bit of Aussie to it with pavlovas and of course our fruit salad.

We all ate very well. Atticus ate about a cubic metre of fruit salad and chased the dog around (a very gorgeous border collie called "Dodger"). Dante ate about a cubic metre of potatoes and watched "Cars" with the other almost-5 year old boy there. Dan and I sat around chatting to everyone and feeling bloated. A good Sunday afternoon's activities all round.

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Shanathalas said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Its snowing here and so beautiful.