Friday, November 03, 2006

Bureaucracy at work

Earlier this year there was a tonne of activity at Uni as they demolished a couple of buildings (including my favourite little lecture theatre where I spent the majority of second year) and dug an immense hole in the ground. There were even webcams put up so you could watch the live action from the comfort of your own office.

In the last two months or so, all activity has ceased. There is now just a big hole, and that's it. We reckon they should turn it into a swimming pool, or better, a reservoir - there is a water crisis after all.

No, well, actually it's all about the bureaucracy. Apparently, rumour has it, there were some problems with the council approval for the new building. That is, the D.A. was put in for the demolition and excavation but not the construction! So, now the poor people in the Law School will have to wait an extra six months or so before they get their new building. Perhaps they should sue someone!!

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