Monday, November 06, 2006

All partied out

Yesterday was a day of 6-year-old-boy birthday parties. Well, we had two, the second right after the first one.

The first was for one of Dante's school friends, at McDonald's! We've never taken Dante to McDonald's (although I do believe that my mother took him there once, before she knew any better), so it was going to be an interesting experience. I was a little worried that he would fall in love with the place and demand to eat there every day for the rest of his life.

The kids spent most of the time playing on the play equipment, and having their faces painted. When they did go inside to the party room, there was a bit of a wait and then they were given lemonade, chips and burgers. Dante, the poor boy, dropped his chips all over the floor and didn't make any fuss over his burger. The ice-cream cake was guzzled down quickly, too. I think they were all just too hyped up to pay much attention to the food, which I am eternally grateful for.

Atticus was given a cheese burger which he duly pulled apart and smeared all over his clothing, as one does. He then spent the rest of the time shoving his chips into his orange juice cup through the slot that the straw is meant to go in. Heheh... he was quite upset and puzzled when he tried to have a drink afterwards - the chips had absorbed all the liquid!

I can understand why the birthday boy's mother chose to have the party there, though. I think it probably turned out quite inexpensive, and there was no worry about cleaning up the mess afterwards! Five and six year old boys make a LOT of mess.

The parents of the next party were braver and held it at their own place. They did get in some organised entertainment so that their house wouldn't be completely trashed... a cool jumping castle, a small trampoline (tra-mam-pa-line!) and wonderful animal show called "Feature Creatures". They had a stick insect, some spiders, lizards, a small crocodile and snakes... The kdis were transfixed, especially the birthday boy!

There were about thirty boys and girls at the second party (compared to about 10 at the first one), most of the birthday boy's class at school. Dante didn't know anyone else, but was happy enough to just play with whoever was around. I was very proud of him. The food was splendid, and much healthier... I was so proud of Dante for getting stuck into the fruit, although had to restrain him from polishing off the fresh raspberries and blueberries (yum!).

And I have to say, the cake was fantastic! So simple - just a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, but so niftily decorated with green coconut for grass and a chocolate "cave". And plastic animals to match the "animal" theme of the party. Although, as the mother reminded me, not quite as grand a masterpiece as last year's Tracy Island from Thunderbirds which had all the ships and the pool as well. I wish I had a photo of that one! It was so cool but a little difficult to cut up and serve.

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