Sunday, November 12, 2006

No beach, but lots of chocolate cake

The temperature hit 32°C yesterday... and we didn't get around to going to Bondi Beach to see the sculptures :( We did go to the shops to buy nappies, though. Fun, fun, fun.

Today is my niece Jasmine's 4th birthday. The entire family came over after tennis for a yummy lunch and even yummier desserts (fruit salad, ice cream, and chocolate cake). The kids ran riot and made a racket (not the tennis kind, either), even though it was stinking hot again today. It's nice that they are all of an age where they can get along and play together, though. The eldest (and only) nephew had a friend with him (since they are a fair bit older than the other kids, being almost 13), and then the next three (7, 5½ (Dante), and 4 (birthday girl)), then the next three (23m, 21½m, 12m). The next two (due 5 weeks apart) will hopefully be good friends, too! Yay! I really like that the cousins are all so close. I hope it stays that way .

The thing that made my day, though, just happened! Dan was doing some cleaning up this afternoon and came upon a box of size 00 clothes that I've been trying to find for ages. It had all my favourite clothes of Dante's, including the beanie that the nurses at the hospital put on him when he was first born. We haven't really finished unpacking probably since we moved into this house (three years ago), so we still had piles of boxes around the place. I thought I'd looked into that box before, but obviously I hadn't. What a relief!

Unfortunately Atticus is too big for any of them now, but I'm super-pleased that they are not lost, and I'll definitely use them for the next bubba, even though some of the clothes are "boy" colours.

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