Saturday, October 28, 2006

Nine grandkids!

My dad is happy as larry today. We just found out that next year he will have nine grandchildren! That beats his brother (so far, anyway). My mother also has the most grandkids out of all her brothers (so far), too.

My brother Chris and sister-in-law Priscilla are expecting their second child! She is sporting a fine little bump and is sixteen weeks through already. They went overseas about seven weeks ago for a nice long holiday in Hong Kong and Singapore, and we saw them for the first time today. We all rushed to pay attention to their daughter Abi and didn't notice Pris' bump until Chris said "Hey Priscilla, stand up!"... The grins on all our faces said it all.

The best thing about this is that her bub is due five weeks after mine! Our current babies, Abi and Atti, are just six weeks apart (Abi being the elder). It's great that these two kiddies will also have a cousin the same age.

Yay! Congrats to you both!

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