Thursday, October 05, 2006

School holidays are here

The time has passed by before I knew it, again, and it is school holiday time again! Last holiday we were twiddling our thumbs and having a hard time thinking of things for Dante to do. These holidays, I've got so much planned that we've run out of days to fit it all in! There are friends to visit or have over, movies to see, museums to go to, and I've booked Dante into a sport camp for the last three days (it's not a "sleeping over" type camp, as you'd expect from the name - just a day thing).

Last night one of Dante's school friends, Ewan, slept over. It's the first time we've ever had a kid stay over that's not a cousin. The boys were terrific, though. Ewan's had sleep overs at friends' places before, so he was accustomed to sleeping in a strange bed. Dante will be going to his place next week for a sleep over, too! I hope he'll be just as good, although he's familiar enough with Ewan and his family that it should be okay.

I can't believe the year's almost over, though, with only one more term to go. Next school holidays will be a challenge, I think, since they are longer and I will be extremely large and unwieldy (being heavily pregnant, in case you'd forgotten)!

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