Monday, October 23, 2006

Dan, your son is a nong.

Dante demonstrated great skill tonight. He was sitting on the toilet, and somehow... we don't really know how... managed to fall off onto the top of his HEAD.

There were great many tears afterwards. At first from Dante, then from Atticus because he was upset at hearing D crying (that's so cute!) and then from us when we sat down and thought about what had happened (laughing, that is).

I'm sure he must get it from his father. I'd never do anything like that, right?


wulf said...

So I shouldn't bring up the numerous times I saw you fall over in Rose st like "a nong"?

Shanathalas said...

I think this officially gives Dante "HIVE credibility". We've all done it and were growed-ups.

Jen said...

No, Wulf, I don't think you should bring up those moments. :)