Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sleepy time bliss

Dan and I have a list of "big" things which we want to buy eventually... ≥19" LCD monitors, a nice dining table, new blinds for parts of the house (instead of large bits of cardboard in some windows)... you get the idea. We occasionally allow ourselves to purchase these items depending on how our bank balance is doing.

So, to celebrate baby no. 3's gender discovery, we decided to get one of the most important items on our list... it was added to the list last time I was pregnant, and moved to the top of the list this time. A new mattress! As long as Dan and I have been together we've had futon mattresses. We like the firm bed, but it is hard on hips when you've got a lot of extra weight on your body and can't sleep on your back, like in the second half of pregnancy.

We quickly looked up some bed shops nearby, found out the addresses and called one up to check their closing time. We needed to do that since it was 3:30pm and we still had to pile the kids into the car and drive to the shops. We drove down Parramatta Rd looking for that particular shop but ended up pulling into a different one - it was on our side of the road (no u-turns or right-hand turns necessary! Yay!). By that time Dante was fast asleep and it was after 4pm. We weren't sure that we were going to actually buy something. I thought it would be better to shop around first and see what we liked.

Dan asked if I wanted to take the first "shift" - what we usually do when one kid is asleep in the car. I responded "Nah. It's a bed shop! We'll just take him inside and plonk him on a bed!". Which is exactly what we did. Thankfully the sales person we had was lovely and didn't mind one bit. She showed us a bunch of beds, happily keeping an eye on Atti (who was climbing all over them) while we lay down to try the mattresses out. Of course we ended up buying one that we like - Dan and I are good at the impulse buying :) We were in the store for about an hour, and Dante did not stir the entire time we were there. They actually reminded us to take him with us when we had completed our transaction! Talk about good service! And even better, rather than waiting 10 days for it to come in, they had one in stock that we could come and collect today!

So this morning I sent Dan and my father off to the shop in the ute and they collected our most glorious new viscose-elastin queen size mattress that took a much bigger bite out of our wallets than we were planning on. At least it will last us many years to come.

After I put Atti down for his midday nap, I lay down on the new bed to see how it felt. Hmm... If you have watched Australian TV you might remember an advertisement recently where there is a kid jumping on one of two beds in his room - then he jumps over to the other bed and instantly falls asleep. It's meant to show you how comfortable their brand of mattress is. Well, I felt like I was in that ad. Not the jumping up and down bit, but definitely the falling alsleep instantly bit. I was asleep within minutes, and slept for about as long as Atti did - almost two hours. Talk about a long nap!

And now I am looking forward to many years of blissful, comfortable sleep on my most wonderful new bed.


Shanathalas said...

Buying a good mattress is definitely the best investment one can make. We bought a great queen sized sealy posturpedic a couple of years ago and it made SUCH a difference for our sleep. It was the only piece of furniture that made the trip to Canada with us.

Happy sleeping!

Queen Bean said...

Comfy sleepy pieces are very important!!!
I have no idea what decor you like, but if you like timber dining tables I comletely recommend 'Everyday living' (in various locations) they sell pine, recycled timber and hard wood furniture at really reasonable prices. We're getting most of our new stuff from there and when I walked in, I felt like saying "I'll have the lot!!" .... but then, I really like furniture and homewares...