Monday, April 02, 2007

Car trouble (self-wrought)

What a day. This morning Elora was awake from 3am until I finally settled her at 6am. Ack. So tiring.

I spent the day resting and recovering and not much else, as usual. But then I had to pick up the boys for gymnastics so Dan wouldn't have to leave work early. On the way in to school I noticed that the car's fuel light was on - it was in need of a refill - but I didn't have time to stop. Poor Elora was in a bit of a mood and didn't like the car ride... she screamed the whole way there. I picked up the two school boys (Dante and his friend Ewan) and then we got Atti from child care. Every time we got into the car Elora would start screaming. She cried the whole way home, despite Atti's attempts to calm her (patting her tummy, poking her face...).

I managed to drop Atti off with my folks and then went to the gymnasium. On the way the car started doing funny jerky things and I realised that the fuel level must have been much lower than I thought.

The boys had a great time expending their energy jumping on trampolines, climbing ropes and walking the beams, like they do every Monday afternoon. Even Elora calmed down and had a sleep in my arms. I guess she wore herself out with all the crying.

The class finished and I started worrying about the car again. I hoped we had enough petrol to get us home! We hopped in and I turned the key. Phew! The engine started! I drove about 400m and then it konked out! Ack! I was in the middle of the road! Luckily it was a quiet-ish street and not a major road. It was well into peak hour by now. I tried the engine again and it started. I got another 100m before it went again, and I managed to veer towards the kerb but not enough to park properly - the rear end was sticking out. I had used every last drop of fuel in the tank. What a disaster! I had to get the boys home so that Ewan's parents could come and get him.

I didn't know what to do so I rang my dad. Thankfully the gym is only a minute away from home. He said he'd come straight away. But I forgot that their car was in for a service, and I didn't know exactly what street I was on. When I realised, I tried to call him but he'd forgotten his mobile phone. Blargh! I managed to call Ewan's folks and told them to come and get him from where we were. I didn't know how long we'd be stuck there.

Eventually my dad turned up at the gym. We, of course, weren't there. He used their phone to call Dan (that was the number they had), who called me to say that Papa was there. Ewan's folks turned up just in time and collected my father and brought him back. The poor man was exhausted. He'd walked the distance carrying a 5L drum of petrol! I felt SOOOOO bad.

That night I sent Dan out to fill up BOTH cars and I hope that we've learned our lesson. From now on I will fill up when I need to, regardless of the day of the week... You see, Tuesday is the cheapest day and Thurs/Fri is the most expensive. Sometimes the difference is as much as 15c/L between Tue and Thu! What a rort. This was part of the problem - I wouldn't fill up on the weekend as I was waiting for Tuesday!!


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