Sunday, April 29, 2007

Picnic in the park

We spent this afternoon at Olympic Park, picnicking with part of our extended family. My brother looked up the connection - they were second and third cousins, once or twice removed... or something like that. They were descendants of my mother's great-aunt...

Anyway, two of my brothers and their families came along, as well as us and our parents. It was a beautiful day - not too cold but not hot, either. We were meant to go to the Blue Mountains yesterday to see a play but it was cancelled due to appalling weather. The picnic was at Olympic Park, next to where the Olympic Cauldron (from Sydney 2000) now is. There's a cool kids' playground/climbing equipment with a good variety for older and younger children. We pretty much spent the entire time chasing after the kids and meeting the relos, some of whom we knew but others we didn't.

At one point one of the Aunties organised an Egg and Spoon race for the kids... it went well, except Dante got quite a bit frazzled when he realised, right near the finish (way ahead of the other kids), that he'd dropped his egg (a small chocolate easter egg) at the start and had to run back for it. Oh the anguish! He screamed and howled like no other being, and made a big scene when the Aunties made a fuss over him. He claimed that he'd hurt himself but couldn't pinpoint exactly where... hmm. In the end, after a good talking to about sportsmanship and the like, he ended up getting three prizes! Ack. We really need to work on his temperament - he's a really sore loser (and quite a gloater when he wins). We're told that it's just a stage and he'll learn eventually. I hope so!

Anyway, while this was all going on, Atticus sneaked away and found the bowl of easter eggs. Sat himself down and got stuck into them. Who knew he could open them up?? He ate about three or four before we found him and distracted him enough to take them away... heheh.

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