Thursday, May 03, 2007

Atticus and Elora

I can't remember if I've told you about how much Atticus likes his little sister. He has really surprised us. I was worried that he would be jealous of her but he has shown only love and kindness to her.

On days when he is at child care he can't wait to give her a big cuddle when he gets home. He usually squashes her a bit while he's doing it, but she doesn't mind. We constantly find toys in her bassinette which he has put there for her to play with. If he is eating a biscuit or a piece of fruit he often tries to share it with her (she once got pear squashed into her eyebrow... it's the thought that counts).

The other day I put Elora down on the play mat for a little while. As soon as he saw her there, Atti immediately stopped what he was doing, crawled under and lay down next to her (and sort of on top of her until I moved him). He was so happy to be next to her, reaching over and giving her one of his whole-body hugs.

One evening I decided to save a bit of water and just washed Elora in the big bath with Atti (but before Dante got in). Atti was delighted to have her with him and got the cloth to wash her face, and poured a cup of water over her head. He was trying to help. Elora wasn't too excited about the water but didn't mind the attention from him. I look forward to when she's old enough to actually play with him!

I just hope things stay this way for a while (but am resigned to the fact that it won't last forever)...

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