Monday, May 14, 2007

Three boys and one girl

I have a few school friends whom I keep in touch with - ever since we got back into contact at our ten year reunion. We talk via email and try to meet up every six months or so.

It's funny how we seem to do things at the same time. Just over three years ago, half of us got married (me in Nov, one in Jan and one in March)... (actually, that was a busy time for weddings for Dan and I. We had about seven of them in six months!) Now it's baby time. When we met up last September we discovered that three of us were pregnant and one couple were trying. Well, Evan was born in January, Elora was born in February, Max in March, and today I found out about Christian, born last Tuesday!

It's so fantastic - we have our own little Mothers Group now. I hope the kids will grow up to be great friends.

Incidentally, today was my first day completely "solo" (with my folks gone overseas). I'm amazed at my ability to manage and cope when I need to. There were some difficult times - Atticus has been wheezing and coughing and a friend of ours thinks he may have whooping cough (to be confirmed when he gets his blood test results later in the week) so I had to take him to the doctor this afternoon. My brother recommended their own doctor who is five minutes away from here and thankfully I was able to get an appointment (which happened to be just after my niece's appointment with the same doctor). It was a mad rush to get there - the kids were fast asleep and I had to wake them both but we were still a little late. A bit of a struggle. But at least Atticus doesn't have pertussis - just a viral infection thingy.

And, well, I managed! There wasn't too much screaming and the kids got fed. Pretty good, in my opinion. Just 12 more days until my parents come home!

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