Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pascale Gabriella

Pascale in the sling
My new niece now has a name and we celebrated her Mun Yit (one month birthday) today. My brother and sister-in-law took us all out for an early dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant. I was quite worried about how the kids would behave - hoping that they wouldn't run amok, disturbing the other diners. And, amazingly, they all did really well! There were 9 children there, including the two babies. They made lots of noise but mostly stayed seated during the evening. My father was impressed with how my two boys ate... so was I. They did so well! They tried everything and had a very good feed.

Putting the cake together
The best part of the meal was the most amazing cake made by big sister, Abigail, with help from her cousin, Owen. They used a whole bunch of different colours to make a glorious rainbow "volcano" cake that was also really delicious! The kids were delighted with the look of it (iced with pink icing and 100's and 1000's) and gobbled it up. Abi was very proud of her achievement, happily telling everyone "I made the cake" while picking at the the icing. Not bad for a two year old, don't you think?

Detail of colourful cake
Here's a detail of the cross-section of the cake. Every piece was different!

(Photos stolen from Priscilla's flickr account.)

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