Friday, May 25, 2007

Yay! They're back!

My folks came back today. Hip hip hooray!

I was waiting all morning for the sound of the taxi pulling up and their front gate opening. When I finally heard it I said to Atti "Want to go next door? Who's next door?" I've been deliberately avoiding mentioning those two four letter words for the past two weeks so that he doesn't miss them too much. He's been pretty good and has only bashed on their back door three or four times since they've been gone.

Anyway, his face lit up when I mentioned "next door". He immediately stopped what he was doing and made a beeline to the back door. We put on his shoes and he ran out to the back yard and across the path to their place. My father was still at the front gate with the luggage. He called out when he heard us and we went around to the front. As soon as Atti saw my father he burst out laughing with a huge grin on his face and ran to him with arms wide open. It was a glorious moment. I don't know who was gladder, grandfather or grandson.

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