Monday, December 31, 2007

Noisy damn things

Third post for the day, I know.

When I was a kid, backyard fireworks were the norm. I remember sitting on the back steps of my auntie's house watching my uncles/cousins/brothers setting off fireworks in the back yard. I also remember the pair of socks still on the washing line catching fire. Heh. One of the reasons I guess that they were banned not long after.

Now suddenly it seems that the ban has been lifted. I'm sitting here at home and there has been non-stop "boom! ka-pow!" since about half past eight this evening. Elora was terrified of them but was so tired that she fell asleep anyway. The other night our neighbour even let some off in his back courtyard, directly under Elora's window (and we were just putting her to bed).

Anyway, I shouldn't complain. I love fireworks. Weird considering I was terrified of them when I was little. More specifically, the red fire crackers that accompany lion dances during Chinese New Year. Ever heard them? They are incredibly loud. But I really like the "crash ka-boom" of fireworks and the bright flashing lights and colours. And the smell of them. That smokey chemical smell.

I'm a bit sad that we haven't gone to see the fireworks here in Sydney for the second year in a row. We're just watching it on TV. Last year we were down in Kiama but this year the logistics of it all are just too difficult with two young kids (and one a little older). We let the kids stay up to watch the "family" fireworks at 9pm. Always so lame compared to the midnight ones! We promised Dante that we'd go out next year instead. It will be easier with an almost four-year-old and almost two-year-old. I think! I hope!

I've spent most of the evening feeling reflective about the past year. Didn't get as much done as I'd hoped... except for the MAJOR thing of having Elora. This was definitely the highlight of my year! I'm astonished that another year of our lives has gone by in the blink of an eye and I worry about the year to come. We are that much older, and my parents are that much older. The kids just grow so fast. What will the new year bring?

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