Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bit of a blog break

After the daily posting of November I needed a bit of a break from this 'ere blog. Things have been hectic (and not) so far this month. My niece's 5th birthday party on the 1st of the month, the tennis Xmas break-up party on the 2nd. Preparing for my father's birthday party all last week, until I got food poisoning on Wednesday night which put me out of action, mostly, for two days (that's the "not hectic" part).

On Saturday we had about 100 people over for my father's 75th! It went splendidly and a grand time was had by all. I will write more about it soon. One of my uncles from Thursday Island came down for the party (with my Auntie and two of his grandchildren). I was feeling a lot better, too. On Sunday we took them to yum cha. I think I overdid it with the rich food that day. I couldn't resist. We had tonnes of leftovers, including yummy trifle (which I made!) so I had to have some since I avoided it on Saturday.

Yesterday I was sorry for the overindulgence. I'm back to being sick again with stomach pains and the like. Back to eating plain biscuits, toast with vegemite (no butter!) and gastrolyte. Back to feeling weak and lethargic. Argh!

Hopefully I will be better in a few days. Work Xmas party on Friday. Friends coming over for our seasonal get-together on Saturday. Another niece's birthday party on Sunday. Childcare Xmas party the following week...

'Tis the season, as they say.

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