Friday, November 30, 2007

Preparing for the inevitable

I have just sent off The Email to my work to inform them of my Return To Work date. The reality of the impending time is really hitting home and I sit here feeling sad and unenthused.

It's not the place that I dread. My workmates are all very congenial and pleasant and I very much enjoy their company. I love the child care centre that we use and the carers that are there. It is a wonderful place with high quality care, plus next year I will have four nieces there as well!

No, what I dread is leaving my daughter, and missing out on all her marvellous developments. I'll miss her gorgeous smile whenever she looks at me, and even her cries when she's upset. I guess I won't miss changing dirty nappies, or the really horrendous screams when she won't go to sleep. But I don't look forward to the guilt of leaving her, and the worry that she'll be okay at child care.


I don't even want to think about all the new things I'll have to get my head around actually at work, and being overwhelmed by it all.


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