Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lunch success!

I missed yet another post yesterday. Not doing too well here. I guess I could have backdated something, but I'm too tired to do even that (plus it's cheating).

But, I have a very good reason. I had my school friends and their children over for lunch yesterday (as I have previously mentioned.) It went really, really well. The house was clean due to me actually being organised enough to do some tidying on the weekend (with terrific help from Dan, of course). Lucky I did that, because...

I spent the first two hours of the day at the hospital with Elora.

We don't know what was wrong with her but she sure gave us a scare. She woke up crying and didn't settle when Dan went in to get her (I was downstairs vacuuming). When he brought her to me she looked positively green, pale and limp. I offered her a breastfeed and she showed no interest whatsoever. This is really unusual for her. She has always been a good drinker. She just closed her eyes and fell asleep in my arms instead. I quickly took her to my parents to ask their advice. She seemed cold and clammy and we were all quite worried. A quick phone call to my GP brother and off to the hospital we went.

Of course, as kids do, she started perking up in the car and by the time we got to the Emergency Department (five minutes later) she was much, much better. Had a feed, started getting mobile and active again. What a relief! Two hours later we were able to go home, without a diagnosis but orders to keep an eye on her because of Atti's history of convulsions.

The rest of the day alternated between worrying about her (she slept for a good couple of hours once we got home) and trying to be a good host to my guests. Thank goodness they were all completely understanding, and we had a wonderful lunch and visit. I was so glad for their company on a day that would have otherwise been miserable.

You should also know that I didn't complete the quilts which I was making for the baby boys. We had such a busy weekend that I knew I'd have no hope of getting them done. I was hoping to have at least quilted one to show them what it would be like, but my plans were thwarted. Anyway, I showed them the quilt tops and they were suitably impressed. Yay!

So anyway today I was utterly exhausted. Just spent the day lazing around with the kids as much as possible. Elora's been a pain in the neck, not sleeping much at all, and Atti has been getting up to mischief a little bit. Cheeky little thing that he is. He just smiles and laughs and one can't help but smile and laugh along with him, it is so contagious. Now it's after 11pm and the baby girl is still screaming her head off. We've been trying to get her to sleep for the last two and a half hours and she has not been cooperative. I've given up and am just going to let her cry now. It's all we can do.

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Shanathalas said...

Sorry to hear that Elora had a scary trip to the hospital. Let's hope its a one off.

PS> Did you get our halloween card?