Monday, November 19, 2007

Travellin' the world

I always wanted to travel - see the world. I had grand plans. I wanted to live and work in London, New York, maybe even West Coast USA. Anywhere, as long as it was somewhere different, new and exciting.

Well, I went to Uni straight from school, and then spent the next several years hanging around there. Spent some time in the Torres Strait one summer. Travelled around Oz with my folks the summer of 95/96 using my brother's frequent flyer points.

I did go to Japan when I was 15 for a school exchange. It was a nice trip, especially the home stays, but my travelling companions could have been better. Oh well. One day I'll get to go back and take the family. And there was the trip to SE Asia when I was 8 of which I have three memories - I lost my favourite shirt/jumper in Bangkok, watched "Big Bird in China" on the tele in Hong Kong, and ate bread fresh from the oven at the family's bakery in Singapore.

Anyway, Dan and I have managed to take a couple of trips overseas since we've been together. The first was a neat trip from Bangkok to Singapore, over land through the Malay peninsula. We spent Christmas day at the Thai Royal Palace, and New Years Eve on a beach/eco "resort" called "Dawn of Happiness". (And I got really bad food poisoning.)

The next trip we took was even more of an adventure, for me. Egypt. Three weeks. Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor. The most amazing place. Full of history. Also full of sand. And heat. I highly recommend it. Just don't get duped by dodgy papyrus sellers.

We had plans after that trip. We were going to go and live in the USA and work in Silicon Valley for a while, then move on to London and see Europe. We'd even set a rough date to be gone by. Of course, it never happened. I fell pregnant with Dante a month after we got home. And that was the end of that.

Maybe one day we'll still get our chance to try living in a different city or country. When the kids are older. But I can't bear the thought of them being so far away from their grandparents. And I would sorely miss my family (and the help they give)! So, for now the dream remains just that.

And now, some pics:
Me at Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand.
December, 1998

Dan and I at the Great Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt.
I had the world's worst haircut at the time.
June, 2000

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