Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kids at play

Today was our typical fortnightly family tennis Sunday. Not that we actually went. Dan slept in until after 11am and Elora napped half the morning. But at least Dante went down to the tennis courts with my mother and his cousins.

After some time (longer than it felt) the troops descended upon us, bored of the park, hungry and hot. They swarmed through our house and finally settled in the lounge room where the older two boys (my 13 year old nephew and his friend) were playing Guitar Hero III (they'd come back earlier). Atti upended the two big buckets of Duplo and they got stuck into it.

What a delight it was to watch these kids aging from 2 to 8 years playing together and separately. Even Elora got in on the action. I couldn't resist taking a picture to save the moment.

It's so great to see them all together, happy and not fighting (the latter didn't last too long). If only the other three grandkids had been around! We would have had the full complement.

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