Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A talented bunch

This afternoon was the Grand Final of Dante's school's Talent Quest. It's not a big school - less than 200 students - and yet there were 23 acts on show, after several heats and semi-finals.

When Elora and I first arrived, half way through (we had to catch a train in), there were a couple of kids singing... like 8 year old generally sing. I expected the rest of the show to be the same. However, some of the acts just blew me away! One of the girls singing reminded me of the young chick from Love Actually, so wonderful! There were a couple of other kids who were pretty good as well. The most spectacular act, and the winner of the day, was a boy called Ash who put on an amazing break dancing display. Head spins, an amazing moon walk, that body flipping thing. The cheers were phenomenal. He was just incredible.

Afterwards there was a sausage sizzle (to raise money for Unicef) and a disco for the kids. Atticus was in his element. Big kids' playground, dancing, sausages. Elora loves the big brother of one of Dante's friends.

The only down point of the evening was when we lost Atticus. I was with Elora, Dan had come to get the change mat from the pram and when he went back to the playground, Atti was gone. I was slightly concerned as the back gate (onto the street) was open and he could have run out there. We searched the disco, searched the grounds but he was nowhere to be found... until finally I found him! He was in the girls' toilets trying to get his nappy off! What a brilliant young thing! I was so impressed. He'd dirtied himself, but was happy to let me clean him up. Then off to the dancing he went. Trying out his break-dancing style.

I wonder if next year Dante will be interested in entering the comp. We'll see!

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