Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reddened knees

Took the kids to Toddler Proms this morning - they all had a wonderful time listening to the teenage Peter Seymour Orchestra (part of the Sydney Youth Orchestra) playing classical music, with the conductor talking about each type of instrument. Dante made his presence known, of course, by answering questions very enthusiastically (compared to his extreme reluctance to go in the first place, perhaps because of the word "Toddler" in the title?).

After a quick lunch with my brother Chris and his family, we came home and Dan took Dante to a 7th birthday party - tenpin bowling! Apparently it was fun. When I asked Dante afterwards if he had a good time at the party, his response was "Yes." and that was it! This from a boy who usually talks incessantly about everything and anything, including describing his current actions, then repeating what he said... ("Look, I drew Four Arms. See? I said, I just drew Four Arms, Mama. Did you hear me? Can you see him? I drew him...") Well, he was watching the last episode of Ben 10 at the time, so his mind was elsewhere.

Anyway, feeling tired and unwell for some reason tonight so I'll leave you with this picture of Elora's legs, crossed so daintily while she's sitting in her high chair. Look at those poor knees, so red from all her crawling exploits.

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