Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our tenants want a dog

Before we moved to our current house in the 'burbs we lived in the inner-city in a small terrace house 5 minutes' walk away from work and child care. It was cramped but convenient, in a not-so-good area.

It was a big decision to move out here, 20 minutes' drive away, but in the end the lure of a BIG house (we have seven bedrooms!!) and the help of grandparents next door was too great.

So we did some minor renovations to the old house - paint, new carpet, fixed up the downstairs shower/toilet area - and now it is being rented out to students. We've been quite happy about the tenants, and the income helps immensely with the mortgage payments!

And now they've asked permission to get a dog! Of course I'm happy for them to have it, but the backyard is only 3m² and I'm worried about the creature's well being. Oh well, that is not for me to say anything about. I'm sure they will take care of it and give it lots of walks.

I'm waiting for the day our boys ask to get a dog. I wonder if they ever will? We have, after all, three cats so perhaps will stay a cat family. But Dan and I both had family dogs growing up (well, we got ours when I was 14 when my uncle gave her to us while my father was overseas). They are a lot of work, but fun to train and have around. I think I wouldn't mind it too much... although the cats certainly would.


Shanathalas said...

Can I have a dog too?!

Shoshe said...

Wait, so your uncle traded you a dog for your dad? ;)