Friday, November 09, 2007

Must stop spending

I've been reading numerous craft blogs and getting lots of ideas for quilts to make... and so many of the crafters out there talk very proudly about only using their "stash" to make things.

In the past I've tried designing stuff using just what I have but I always felt like I needed something more - a bit more green, some plain colours, something else to match... well, lately things have been getting a bit out of hand. I've been spending too much. The dangers of online shopping, and the absolute delight at receiving parcels in the mail. Today I received a big parcel (half of it my mother's) that I bought online and managed to pop out for a short while to get a few more bits and pieces.

But the good news is that finally, I think my stash is stocked well enough! I've got about half a dozen quilts planned, ready to be cut up and sewn together. My sewing table is pretty much set up (just need to clean off residual mess) so that I'll be able to do something when I have a spare ten minutes... I may actually get some projects completed!

And so I decree, publicly, no less, that I shall not buy any more fabrics until I have executed all the plans in my head. Hmm... I wonder how long I will last.

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