Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thursday-like Wednesday

I had a productive day, craftwise, today. Sewed together some blocks. Cut them up into quarters. Sewed them up again into more blocks. Sewed these blocks together into strips. I haven't finished piecing the quilt tops together yet but hopefully will be able to do it tomorrow!

The reason for all this sewing? More precisely, the reason why I was able to get so much done was because Dante didn't have his piano lesson today. His teacher cancelled last week so he went to after care and I didn't have to pick him up from school, which gave me an extra four hours (big) kid free. Yippee! And tomorrow's Thursday! I've mentioned before that Thursdays are my best day of the week.

Hopefully after tomorrow I'll have three of these (but sewn together), maybe even with borders attached, quilt sandwiched and ready to be quilted. We'll see. I've got a nice man coming to tell me about air-conditioning in the morning.

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